Products with history for the world

Products with history for the world 

We are Development of Geographies
Grupo Nutresa strives to reach new global markets, thus promoting inclusion and recognizing the importance of diversity.

Grupo Nutresa’s progress in new geographies is increasingly relevant for the Company. Alliances like the one the Organization has established with El Súper, the largest Hispanic supermarket chain in the United States prove it.

El Súper is a Mexican supermarket chain with 323 stores in the U.S. focused on the Latin public. “We want our customers to find here the products they used to get in their home countries,” explains Martín Perdomo, grocery buyer at El Súper.

In 2015, the chain included Grupo Nutresa’s brands such as Zuko and Colcafé in its offer. “We have always had an open mind to try new things with companies like Nutresa, which make an effort to launch products and implement innovative marketing programs,” says Martín. “We have a relationship of trust and respect with El Súper. Our objectives are aligned: they seek the profitability that we offer them with well-known brands in the Hispanic market,” says Aarón Alonso Mccallum, Grupo Nutresa’s employee who is in charge of this client.

“As part of the ‘Inspiring growth, development and innovation’ dimension, the capability focused on the ‘Development of geographies’ allows us to continue strengthening Grupo Nutresa’s presence in the countries where we have presence, thus visualizing new opportunities. The progress of our capabilities in each geography is valuable for the continued consolidation of our teams, networks and brands”, states Juan Camilo Sierra from Grupo Nutresa.

Thanks to this type of alliances, consumers around the world can find products that tell stories of nutrition, tradition and wellness.

It’s nice to see consumers who live in the United States get excited with products like Ducales and the memories they bring. There’s also other people, outside the Hispanic market, who choose our products because they already know them and see value in them. It is wonderful to see how the brands are achieving development thanks to our customers.”

AARÓN ALONSO MCCALLUM Employee from Cordialsa, United States.