Sandra & Orlando

Sandra and Orlando:

lives that give sense to what we do

We are Talent Development Human talent is the force that moves Grupo Nutresa. To connect the Organization’s higher purpose with the purpose of each one of its employees is a horizon that inspires the enhancement of this capability.

Sandra Córdoba is a 30-year-old mechanical engineer. She returned to the country in 2021 after completing her master’s degree at Purdue University as a Fulbright program scholarship holder. While she was still focused on her studies, Sandra began the recruitment process for the C3 project, Grupo Nutresa’s most modern production plant, and was subsequently selected for the position of engineering coordinator for the set-up process of the plant in Santa Marta.

“Grupo Nutresa has enabled me to gain knowledge and experience, but the most valuable thing is that I am improving my management, self-management and teamwork skills”, she explains. After a new selection process, and only having worked for the Organization for a couple of months, Sandra was appointed to another position: production and maintenance leader

“When I was starting at Grupo Nutresa, they told me about its higher purpose: building a better world where development benefits everyone. You can actually feel that purpose in your daily experiences: it is not just building a production plant and making the most profit, but seeking the development of the region and all its people,” she says.

The closeness and trust she finds in her work team and her leaders allow her to aspire to evolve professionally within the Company.

I appreciate the trust that the production plant management has put in me. With the support of my team, they gave me the opportunity to grow and develop within the Company. I have been the Production and Maintenance Leader of the C3 production plant for more than eight months and it has been an incredibly interesting challenge.”.

SANDRA CÓRDOBA Employee at the GC Foods production plant, Colombia.

Managing the care for life, consolidating the adaptive, inclusion-driven and aware leadership, and promoting self-development are strategic initiatives of the Talent Development Capability.

Orlando Vera has been working for 27 years at Tresmontes Lucchetti in Chile. He is an empathic man who fulfills his auditing responsibilities with the inspiration of his deep devotion for service.

To arrive at the production plant, Orlando has to complete a commute of almost two hours using public transport. During the most critical months of the COVID-19 pandemic, this commute started causing him profound fears, leaving him with almost no desire to go to work despite his responsibility derived from the fact of being part of a company that supplies food. Orlando was afraid of getting the virus and spreading the disease within his family, of course with the worst consequences in mind.

“On the Organization’s website, I saw that they were offering psychological assistance, and so I took it. The therapist told me that there was a 20% chance that I’d get the virus, but that there was also an 80% chance I wouldn’t if I did my part by taking self-care measures,” he says.

“Talent development consists in attracting, developing and taking care of people to tackle the challenges while connecting their purposes with Grupo Nutresa’s higher purpose. This capability adds value to the dimension titled “Cooperating with people, our allies and society” by always prioritizing the well-being of our employees,” explains Damaris Giraldo from Grupo Nutresa.

Orlando recovered his enthusiasm, as well as his passion for work, and he reinforced his confidence: “The best thing I have drawn from the pandemic are the conversations I’d had with the psychologist,” he assures.

When I felt I didn’t have the strength to push my cart anymore, the psychologist told me: ‘Improve the wheels to make it lighter.’ These conversations enabled me to have more confidence in what I do, in how I take care of myself and in my decisions, making my fear disappear.”.

ORLANDO VERA Employee from Tresmontes Lucchetti, Chile.