Knowledge support for plating and life

Sowing knowledge and supporting life

We are Responsible Sourcing Cooperation, balance and the preservation of the planet are key aspects for Grupo Nutresa to fulfill its objective of developing competitive sourcing processes.

Osmalia Rojas is part of Cacao Oriente, an organization of cocoa growers from Colombia that has evolved thanks to the support of Grupo Nutresa.

When Osmalia Rojas started producing cocoa in San José de Oriente, Colombia, she knew little about the fruit and its farming. Since 2014, Osmalia and the 109 farmers of the Cacao Oriente organization have received training and support from Grupo Nutresa to improve their practices and their relationship with nature.

In 2021, and thanks to the ‘Riqueza Natural’ support program, Osmalia and her colleagues learned to take care of the soil and water, to make a responsible use of chemicals, to protect the forests and native fauna, and to improve their nutrition and personal well-being. “We learned how to have beautiful relationships with each other, and even how we should nourish ourselves,” says Osmalia.

“Our business is closely linked to several agricultural and livestock chains, and based on the ‘responsible sourcing’ capability, it is essential to harmonize them with our goals of sourcing ourselves in a sustainable and productive way while taking care of biodiversity. Within the context of the ‘preserving the planet’ dimension, we have established an agenda so that by 2030, 100% of our commodities are sourced in a productive and sustainable manner,” says Germán Zapata, Procurement Manager at Servicios Nutresa.

“I have grown hand in hand with Grupo Nutresa. The results I deliver to the Company are the proof of everything I have learned, and that it can be done,” says Osmalia. Her joy confirms that providing learning opportunities and support can transform people’s realities.

Being one of Grupo Nutresa’s suppliers has been the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I say it with pride: I deliver my production as gratitude for all the beautiful things you have given me as a farmer”.

OSMALIA ROJAS Cocoa supplier from San José de Oriente, state of Cesar, Colombia.