Digital channels that accompany families

Digital channels that support families

We are Digital Transformation
By implementing new technologies, Grupo Nutresa transforms its culture and working methods to improve the experience of its clients and consumers. 

Liliana Ruiz and her family enjoy digital channels that allow them to enjoy their favorite hamburgers at home.

“I came to Bogotá to study medicine when I was 18 years old. My three sisters already lived in the city and the first time we went out, it was to eat at El Corral. They were fans already and I fell in love too,” says Liliana Ruiz, consumer of El Corral products.

Both her husband and son are just as enthusiastic about the restaurant’s products. During the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, they started ordering their hamburgers through delivery platforms, but they soon found out that El Corral had its own line and so they started using it. “It took us a few months to adapt, but today we enjoy meals that are delivered warm and well prepared; that is why we trust El Corral,” says Liliana.

“For Grupo Nutresa, digital transformation entails an organizational change that begins with the transformation of people and working models through the incorporation of digital services. It is a combination of technologies and ways of doing things. This capability leverages all other of the Group’s capabilities and adds value to the ‘Inspiring development, growth and innovation’ dimension,” explains Rafael Rios, Grupo Nutresa’s Strategy and Digital Experience leader

Thanks to these breakthroughs, the Organization supports Colombian households and strengthens its ties with them: “We are loyal to El Corral for the quality of its hamburgers, but also because they are a tradition and have become part of our lives,” says Liliana Ruiz.

The hamburgers from El Corral are very unique, they have something special in the bread, in the meat and in the way they prepare them. They are a tradition in our family; we order them directly from the restaurant because they are delivered quickly and warm by kind people.”

LILIANA RUIZ El Corral customer, Colombia.