Cold brew

Cold Brew: Mindset transformation

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Grupo Nutresa producesand implements new ideas and solutions, promoting  entrepreneurship and the adaptation to new challenges

Daniel Quijano and his team are the minds behind the innovation of Cold Brew, a Grupo Nutresa launch that transformed the mindset of work teams and achieved USD 23 million in sales in 2021.

Daniel Quijano is the director of the New International Business Department at the Coffee Business. In 2016, Daniel and his team started working on a technology monitoring process to understand how cold brew sales worked around the world. They found out that the American industry had proposed, by 2020, that 50% of its market would be cold drinks.

Based on this horizon, they launched a product whose main characteristic is cold extraction, a cold brew concentrate that they co-developed with one of the largest coffee sales chains in the U.S. “In this process, innovation meant transforming the product, people, productive capabilities and even the Quality Assurance Department”.

“Innovation is a capability that fosters growth, differentiation and competitiveness. We gain new knowledge that allows us to develop high-impact innovations that are highly relevant for the market and contribute to the sustainable development of the Organization based on the value of ‘Cooperating with people, our allies and society’”, indicates Carla Podestá when speaking about this capability in Grupo Nutresa.

Daniel and his team inspired a mindset change. He is proud because this transformation allowed them to deliver value to their clients, reach new markets and continue dreaming of applying innovation to relevant products for consumers.

Without making significant technology acquisitions, we managed to adapt the installed capacity to produce cold brew. However, the most important part of this process was the adaptation of the human talent: the entire Organization started to learn how to make a product that was unknown and disruptive”.

DANIEL QUIJANO Employee from the Coffee Business, Colombia.