C3: Growth that drives the development of the Colombian Caribbean Region

C3: Growth that drives the development of the Colombian Caribbean Region

We are Competitiveness
Through competitiveness, Grupo Nutresa promotes its growth, development of talent and innovation, while adding value to society.

In alliance with the city of Santa Marta and with the aim of strengthening its competitiveness, Grupo Nutresa has built its most modern production plant. Additionally, with this new infrastructure effort, the Organization also seeks to bring progress and quality of life to Santa Marta’s population.

Beatriz Martha Dávila is an advisor at Invest, an investment promotion agency in Santa Marta. Four years ago, she began working with Grupo Nutresa to make the C3 production plant real. It is located in the customs-free zone of the city port and the facilities were designed according to sustainability criteria.

“Here we have a logistics system that connects production plants, roads, the port, the river, the airport and rail transport. The latter has environmental and cost benefits, and allows products to arrive as far as to La Dorada, Caldas,” indicates Beatriz. These advantages favored the realization of the production plant, and also nurture a competitive ecosystem that has started to emerge with the arrival of Grupo Nutresa at the city.

“The ability to compete adds value to the Organization through actions that allow us to anticipate market trends thanks to the efficient use of resources, the quality of the products and services, the technological innovation, the highly trained human talent, and the strategic geographic location of the production plants and distribution centers,” says Jaime León Montoya, from Grupo Nutresa.

“Having here a company like Grupo Nutresa, which believes in Santa Marta, is a light of hope. They are interested in producing while generating a positive impact on the city and improving the social conditions of its people,” highlights Beatriz.

For me, Grupo Nutresa’s work means opportunities, transformation, inclusion and social well-being. They have set an example, they have brought new conversation topics to Santa Marta, and they are inspiring development processes in other companies across the city.”

BEATRIZ MARTHÁ DÁVILA Advisor and legal representative, Invest Santa Marta, Colombia.