Bottles that inspire care

Bottles that inspire care

We are Circular Solutions and the Care for the Environment Grupo Nutresa contributes to preserving the environment by minimizing the risks associated with climate change, and generating new protection actions.

In her mini-market in Bogotá, Elvia Rosa Pardo collects the bottles of the “Nutresa Retoma” (Retake) Program. With this action, she inspires people to take care of the planet.

“If we all did our part to take care of the planet, it would be a nicer place, less polluted,” says Elvia Rosa Pardo, owner of the El Oasis mini-market.

In 2021, a bottle collection container from the “Nutresa Retoma” program was placed in her store. Additionally, she explains to her customers how to fill the bottles and makes another proposal: “I encourage you to bring your own cloth bags to pack your groceries and reduce the use of plastic ones.” She knows that these small changes help maintain a balance with the environment.

“As part of its sustainability strategy and within the ‘preserving the planet’ dimension, Grupo Nutresa leads actions to minimize the environmental impact of its processes. To achieve this, we devise production methods that promote soil restoration and reduce deforestation, water consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG), while promoting circularity,” states María Solange Sánchez, Grupo Nutresa employee.

Elvia takes care of the planet based on the inspiration she draws from the beauty of nature and her dream of living in the countryside. Her neighbors acknowledge her effort by supporting her initiative of circularity, recycling and conservation.

Our planet is such a beautiful place. Taking care of water and nature is very important to me. I recycle what I can and encourage customers to do the same. I explain to them about the bottles and how to fill them, and many of them have already started to do it too. This should be started in school, at a very young age, so that children grow up with the idea that we must take care of the planet; everything would be better if we did that.”

ELVIA ROSA PARDO Client, El Oasis mini-market, Bogotá, Colombia.