A family that shares wellness with their pets

A family that shares wellness with their pets

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Supported on the development of its networks, Grupo Nutresa offers leading brands to consolidate its value proposition and deliver nutrition to its consumers. 

Paola Ramírez relies on the Belina products for the nutrition of her pets. This brand was added to Grupo Nutresa’s portfolio in 2021.

“When we see a little animal in the street, we bring it home. I don’t know how many animals have lived here now. Now we have four cats and two dogs, who are all part of the family,” says Paola, a consumer of Belina products.

In addition to feeding their pack, they always have food for homeless kittens. “We tried many types of pet food and we have stuck with Belina because it really worked for us: regarding their digestion, skin and allergies. We know that this food is nutritious and that it will give them a good quality of life,” she says.

Belina is a pet food brand produced in Costa Rica. In 2021, Grupo Nutresa included its operation and products in its portfolio, thus adding more nutrition options for all family members.

“Inspiring development, growth and innovation means to be committed to households in terms of food and nutrition. For this reason, based on the capability titled ‘brands, networks and experiences,’ Grupo Nutresa contributes to the well-being of families by offering an adequate availability of its brands and product, as well as an easy access to them,” explains Jorge Arturo Quintero, from Grupo Nutresa.

For Paola, the good nutrition of her pets is a joy for her home and a way of thanking her dogs and cats for the love they selflessly give them. “They are unconditional; you know they will always be there. When you come home and they welcome you with such happiness, you feel pure love,” explains Paola.

More than two years ago we discovered the Belina pet food brand and it has helped us a lot. One of the dogs’ skin improved and the other’s digestion also got better. We want to give them what’s best for them in the long term and, with this food, we feel safe because we know that it improves their quality of life.”  

PAOLA RAMÍREZ Belina product shopper, Costa Rica.