Management model

Engagement model

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Based on the fundamental premise of being always a people-centered Organization, Grupo Nutresa permanently strives to contribute to the development of its stakeholders by building trust-based relationships through timely and bidirectional communication, engagement and collaboration, making sure to operate with integrity and transparency and to listen actively to others at all times.

The Company’s engagement model is aligned with the guidelines of the international standard AA1000, which requires Grupo Nutresa to apply the essential principles of inclusiveness, materiality, impact and Responsiveness in all the relations with its stakeholders. Since 2018, the Organization has been working on developing the capabilities of its employees with the purpose of strengthening their effective managerial skills in all its engagement processes. This is a constant and progressive work that enriches the materiality analysis and strengthens the sustainability management efforts, as well as the resilience of the organizational strategy.

Stages and phases of the engagement model, progress and outlook

In 2021, the Company maintained its training processes for the Businesses and set in motion the stages of the model in the Chocolates, Coffee, Ice Cream, Biscuits and Cold Cuts Businesses, as well as in Tresmontes Lucchetti, La Recetta, Comercial Nutresa and Fundación Nutresa. Additionally, the Retail Food Business and Servicios Nutresa started deploying the first stages of the model. This work front is possible thanks to the articulated efforts of each one of the 18 engagement committees, which are in charge of guiding, managing, streamlining and carrying out the actions and activities established in the model.

For 2022, most of the Businesses will make progress in the execution and implementation of the engagement plans with the purpose of materializing them, taking them to the practice and achieving an optimal rapprochement with both direct and indirect stakeholders in order to keep building, collectively, the process that will take such Businesses to the desired maturity level for each one of them.

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