Performance by business

García Gamboa


60 years old./ Part of Grupo Nutresa since 2013.

  • The Business achieved efficiencies in terms of costs through co-distribution alliances in the traditional channel.
  • High-value snacks categories were boosted with the expansion of Kryzpo/Muibon 2.0 and the revenue from the Fruit – Pouch snack, as well as the high-value coffee segment with pods and lyophilized products.
  • The supply chain was strengthened to ensure the Business meets the demand driven by the pandemic, the worldwide shortage of commodities and the impact of the shipping logistics.
  • The Organization secured its inclusion into the Scale 360 Program of the World Economic Forum with the aim of leading the transition to a circular economy.
  • The Company signed the national agreement for the clean production of packaging solutions with the seal “Elijo Reciclar” (I choose to recycle) for the Lucchetti and Talliani pasta products, promoted the recycling of flexible plastic materials, and granted scholarships for the certification of base-level recyclers.
  • The usage of certified green electric power was increased to 98% in the production operations in Chile.
  • The Business launched the “Crecemos Juntos” (Growing together) program with the purpose of improving the vulnerability conditions of the employees and their families.
  • Fostering profitable growth by boosting current categories and launching relevant innovations in the geographies of Chile and Mexico; as well as increasing the value of the brands and the number of leading brands while expanding the core categories and the omnichannel methodology.
  • Boosting the networks with diversified value propositions and getting adapted to the trends of the e-commerce channel.
  • Timely managing the sourcing chains to deal with the challenging worldwide conditions of the commodities, containers and logistics chains.