Performance by business

Chusán Andrade


57 years old. / Part of Grupo Nutresa since 2013.

  • Total sales amounted to COP 964 billion, which represents an increase of 46% with regard to 2020.
  • Digital menus and kitchen monitoring systems were implemented, thus improving the consumers’ experience at the El Corral points of sale.
  • The service experience was enhanced using artificial intelligence (chatbot solutions) at El Corral and Papa John’s.
  • The Business reduced by 62,7% the emissions of CO2 at the meats and dough processing plants thanks to the transition to cleaner energies.
  • Products based on vegetable protein were developed under the “Corral VEK” concept to offer different options to the customers.
  • The Organization fostered the inclusion-based and diverse work culture by creating jobs for young people and women, and hiring people with disabilities.
  • Both the in-person and remote channels were strengthened as part of the multi-channel strategy, thus bringing the customers closer to each one of the brands.
  • The productivity at our points of sale was increased by creating new digital brands and consumer moments.
  • The Business’s presence in the target region was boosted by exporting products to 10 countries from the Caribbean Region and North America.
  • A supply chain model was implemented based on a demand-guided planning and sourcing strategy.
  • Enhancing the capabilities of the employees as a differentiating attribute in the industry with the aim of offering the best service and experience
  • Developing and consolidating flexible capabilities and operational models that allow the Business to continue being market leaders.
  • Transforming the consumer experience in an omnichannel system by developing new markets and product categories that generate asset profitability and enhance both physical and digital capabilities.
  • Improving the consumer experience through advanced analytics with the purpose of creating high-impact strategies.