Performance by business

Fabián Andrés
Restrepo Zambrano


47 years old. / Part of Grupo Nutresa since 1996

  • The Business promoted a culture based on innovation, sustainability, digital transformation, adaptability, flexibility, diversity and equality, and empowered the leaders’ actions through the “Liderar con Propósito (Leading with a purpose) Program.
  • The intrapreneurship system was enhanced with three projects focused on finding new inorganic layers that make a positive contribution to the Business growth.
  • The Organization contributed to the development of head-of-household mothers from rural regions in southern Colombia by promoting the production of quinoa.
  • The Business secured the certification of its Food Safety Management System under the international standard FSSC 22000, and implemented 4.0 technologies in its physicochemical and microbiological laboratory, thus achieving an increase in both the reliability of the results and the productivity.
  • The healthy portfolio was consolidated and the Business ventured into new categories that respond to the market trends.
  • The presence in the condiment category was expanded through the distribution of Badía products in Colombia.
  • Achieving growth in terms of brands focused on innovation, health and nutrition.
  • Strengthening new categories, consolidating the leadership, and achieving an increased penetration of the Business in the pasta and culinary categories.
  • Consolidating the responsible sourcing while laying emphasis on the preservation of biodiversity.
  • Continue developing new geographies and consolidating the existing ones.
  • Boosting the growth of the company Basic Kitchen S. A. S. in Grupo Nutresa’s multiple channels.
  • Consolidating the cultural and leadership model by aligning the strategy, the processes and the structure.
  • Promoting the intrapreneurship system by creating new layers of growth.
  • Improving energy efficiency through cogeneration, biomass boilers and the solar panels.