Performance by business

Juan Fernando Castañeda Prada


54 years old. / Part of Grupo Nutresa since 2011.

  • The levels of excellence in the indicators related to client satisfaction (90%) and client loyalty (85,8%) were maintained.
  • Progress was made in the consolidation of digital sales, which presented a 93% growth rate in relation to 2020.
  • The process of overhauling the fleet was continued with the incorporation of electric, gas-powered and hybrid vehicles, which contribute with a reduction of 83,5 tons of CO2.
  • Technical and financial feasibility exercises were conducted for the installation of solar panels in Barranquilla, Pereira and Valledupar in Colombia.
  • The Organization consolidated its understanding of the natural channel, thus reaching a greater number of clients and reinforcing its service model. This allowed achieving a growth rate of 393% when compared to 2020.
  • A 90% score was obtained in the organizational climate measurement, as well as a 91% rating in terms of commitment, thus maintaining the levels of excellence regarding talent management.
  • The Organization made progress in the deployment of its organizational design plan focused on the exploration of new business models, and capitalized value in its operation through more than 30 improvement projects.
  • Maintaining the profitable growth efforts by continuously strengthening the organizational capabilities.
  • Achieving progress in initiatives that contribute to the preservation of the planet, particularly focusing on the management of logistics.
  • Consolidating the human development plans within the framework of Grupo Nutresa’s culture, talents and leadership model.
  • Focusing strategies based on healthy products on the market to address the new trends and boost the sealfree portfolio.
  • Strengthening collaborative work with marketing teams to make progress in brand, sales, competitiveness and digital transformation fundamentals in order to ensure the generation of value.

Juan Mauricio Montoya Correa


553 years old / Part of Grupo Nutresa since 1991.

  • Our cash flow was optimized thanks to the Confirming program for the benefit of 338 suppliers.
  • Our digital capabilities were enhanced placing emphasis on analytics, digital trade and process automation.
  • Our internal audit function was certified under international standards.
  • Grupo Nutresa’s energy management was strengthened by implementing solar energy projects in five companies in Colombia.
  • Servicios Nutresa created the task force on responsible and productive sourcing, and formulated the work plans for 2030.
  • Grupo Nutresa’s Biodiversity Policy was drawn up and disclosed.
  • The packaging materials roadmap for 2030 was designed with the aim of using only recyclable, reusable and compostable materials.
  • The “Futuro Nutresa” (Nutresa Future) Program was launched, focusing on the creation of jobs for women and young people.
  • The talent reconfiguration strategy was implemented with training programs aligned with the Organization’s map of capabilities.
  • Digital learning experiences were incorporated within the framework of the strategy focused on reskilling and upskilling.
  • Continue working on the talent transformation program.
  • Executing initiatives established in both the circular economy roadmap and the responsible and productive sourcing roadmap.
  • Implementing the corporate Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) in Tresmontes Lucchetti in Chile, Cameron’s Coffee in the United States and Nutrading.
  • Drawing up the roadmap for updating Grupo Nutresa’s technology core.
  • Making progress in the technology adoption process within the framework of the Organization’s digital transformation strategy.
  • Consolidating the governance, risk and compliance model (abbreviated GRC in Spanish).
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