Performance by business

Medina Leal


61 years old / Part of Grupo Nutresa since 1997

  • All the categories exhibited outstanding increases in terms of sales: cold cuts, 8,6%; long shelf-life products, 10,6%; ready meals, 6,5%; marinated meats, 61,2%; and vegetable protein products, 18,9%.
  • The Business ventured into new international markets with Kibo vegetable protein products and Zenú’s new portfolio in Panama. Additionally, the development of strategies was maintained in order to strengthen the exports of fresh meats to Jordan, Chile and Central American countries.
  • Progress was made in the diagnosis of good environmental practices regarding bovine livestock in more than 90% of the integrated livestock ranches in Colombia.
  • The Business entered and expanded its presence in categories with high-value nutritional profiles: vegetable proteins, avocado spread products & hummus, and fish & shellfish, with accrued sales that amounted to COP 27.790 million.
  • Progress was achieved in the reduction of the content levels of sodium and saturated fats for the main products in Grupo Nutresa’s portfolio.
  • A high score was attained in the organizational climate measurement: 87%. The employees’ physical and mental self-care was fostered by means of multiple strategies focused on their wellness and quality of life.
  • Strengthening the presence of the categories and brands in the current markets, and venturing into international markets of interest such as the U.S. and Central America
  • Implementing new programs to improve the recyclability ratios of the products, and developing solutions centered on nutrition and health.
  • Maintaining programs that foster the care for the employees through leading practices in the operations and the promotion of self-care.
  • Delving into the deployment of activities focused on mitigating the impact on the increase in the cost of the commodities and improving the business profitability.