Performance by business

Juan Fernando
Castañeada Prada


54 years old./ Part of Grupo Nutresa since 2011.

  • Significant progress was achieved in the product reformulation plan by reducing the contents of sodium, sugar and saturated fats in the portfolio.
  • The organizational climate measurement was improved by achieving a rating of 86%, which represents a level of excellence with regard to global benchmarks.
  • 18.803 cocoa producer families with 33.678 hectares of cocoa plantations from 22 Colombian states benefited from the Organization’s agricultural promotion program and 119 strategic alliances.
  • The Business secured the Carbon Neutrality Plus certificates for its production plant in Costa Rica, as well as the Blue Certificate for its production plant in Lima, Peru, as a result of the Organization’s responsible use of water resources.
  • Progress was made in the implementation of Grupo Nutresa’s eco-design manual for the Business’s innovations, thus achieving a coverage of 316 SKUs.
  • The waste recovery and reuse rate of the Business reached 92%, increasing by 5 points regarding the past year.
  • Our leading brands contributed 89% of the growth achieved by the Business.
  • Concentrating our efforts on the growing generation of value by strengthening our organizational capabilities.
  • Adequately managing the brands, the networks and the innovation in the multiple categories and geographies where Grupo Nutresa participates in order to achieve greater growth and competitiveness
  • Enhancing the Organization’s culture, maintaining the level of excellence in terms of organizational climate, and reinforcing the development of competences among all employees.