Performance by business

Hoyos Lopera


57 years old. / Part of Grupo Nutresa since 1993.

  • The Business promoted wellness and healthy habits among 590 employees through the School of Nutrition.
  • Naturela’s productive linkage was strengthened with small producers of turmeric, spirulina and cardamom in five Colombian states with the aim of improving the quality and sourcing of its supplies.
  • The Organization completed the construction of the C3 production plant in Colombia, which is intended to improve Grupo Nutresa’s competitiveness.
  • The energy efficiency of Pozuelo’s ovens 2 and 4 was improved, resulting in 2,5% savings in terms of the monthly usage of liquefied petroleum gas.
  • The solar energy installed capacity was expanded to reach 620.000 KWh/year, which represents 1,38% of the Business’s total electric power usage.
  • The Business reached a 90% level regarding the recovery and reuse of waste, thus increasing it by 10% with regard to 2020
  • The outreach amounted to 21,8 million of contacts, 94% more than in 2020, and produced a positive impact on 420 education institutions and 37.400 children through the “Mundo Noel” and “Mundo Pozuelo” digital strategies.


  • Reducing the environmental impact and making progress in the process of closing the cycle of commodities and packaging materials through eco-design practices.
  • Incorporating a new production capacity in Santa Marta (GCFoods), Colombia, as leverage for both competitiveness and growth.
  • CIncreasing the sales share in brands of wellness and nutrition products.
  • Improving the profitability of the Business through the management of both commodities and the internal productivity.